GSC Inori Yuzuriha = Dynamism and Beauty

 ♪ so, everything that makes me whole
I offer it all to you.
I’m yours… ♫

Yes Inori, I’m yours… but your 1/8 GSC (Good Smile Company) fig is/will be mine… With the combination of dynamism and beauty, this fig is a sure hit… 🙂

This will be the first (first of many more large figs I guess…hello Alter?? hello Kotobukiya??) large fig of the main heroine of the anime’ Guilty Crown. Fig is based on the character design by redjuice. The innocent expression and slim sexy body of Inori were top notch and basically the posing of the figure makes her look like shes about to fly… 🙂

Even her sexy back is full of win, moreover the pic above shows the beautiful details of her outfit… 🙂

Definitely every guy would be happy to extract her void with that kind of grrrrrr…. if you guys know what I mean… hehehe 🙂

The Egoist singer/vocalist is still open for preorder for 7429 Yen (I’m guilty of preordering one LOL ) and will be released late September this year… 🙂


Max Factory Menma Swimsuit Version will Lick your Ice Cream……. and Wallet :P

Another Honma Meiko fig is up, and all fans of her and the anime’ Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai (Ano Hana) are continue rejoicing…whew! is there any other longer title of anime’ who can beat this ?? LOL… anyways Max factory obviously knows how to use the fan service on this fig…. 🙂

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Kotobukiya Kashiwazaki Sena, Gimme Some of your Cherries :P

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai) a successful anime’ last year, summoned Kashiwazaki Sena to be the first model of Kotobukiya figure line…This blonde beauty with boombastic melons is certainly a figure lover magnet or should I say figure oppai lover magnet… 🙂

Sena is very sexy in her sitting pose… Sculpted based on the cover illustration of the original 6th volume of the manga.

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Meganekko Hunters will Hunt for Wave Beach Queens’ Tsurumi Chiriko

Very lovely…. She is Tsurumi Chiriko, the 2nd Beach Queen fig ( Meiko “Menma: Honma was the first ) of the tear jerking anime series Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (Basically the longest anime title that i’ve ever encountered XD) or more popularly known as Ano Hana… 

Her meganekko princess aura suits her logical and quite personality…Tsuruko is just too sexy on her pose… I’m torn between her and Anaru… 🙂

So above her moeness, she still cute without her eyeglasses…thanks to that hairclip (originally/supposedly  Yukiatsu’s gift to Menma before the latter died ) ..

I like her more with the longer hair, but this extra hair accessories is another FTW, ‘Coz her look here is the new and optimistic Tsuruko (better watch the last episode of the series)

….So with the release of her…I’m really hoping that wave will also release Anjou “Anaru” Naruko… 🙂

You can preorder her for a good amount of 3800 Yen with a release date of late June next year.

Aizu Project’s Black Maid Ryomou Shimei will Target your Heart and your Wallets too

Aizu Project – known for sexy, ecchi, cast-off feature anime figures will release again one of their profitable characters, Ryomou Shimei of Ikki Tousen, the manufacturer labeled it as from the 4th Season Xtreme Xecutor. As one of the main babe protagonists of the series, Mou-chan is in her black maid outfit. Meido-fetishes in all aspects hit so high as she seduces all masters with her daring look and nice assets.

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CM’s Corporation Konoe Subaru, Probably The Most Beautiful Butler of Them All… :)

    After the last episode of the anime Mayo Chiki! Many fans of the series became so lonley. And S4 (Shooting Star Subaru-Sama) members were left crying because they will miss their beloved sempai. But there is a reason for them to at least celebrate. Because Konoe Subaru will have another wonderful figure, this time by CM’s Corporation in 1/7 scale…. 🙂

   Basically her pose is a very good tribute to the first volume of it’s manga. Complete moe-ness, and in my honest opinion, she is indeed the most beautiful butler…. by far.. 🙂

   She joined the lineup of Gutto-kuru Figure La Beaute Collections…She also comes with optional parts/extra neko-mimi  and neko-tail, to add more moe and fetishes for all figure fans… 🙂

     Another big factor to buy this fig, is because of its cast-off ability. She is wearing the usual cute panties and bra, the same undies we saw from one of the episodes in the series (Check Episode Number 4)… 🙂

    A bonus pantsu shot of the rear view of some kawaii different cat-print designs…..Even the sculpt of her toes are very well detailed… 🙂

Punyuru Takanashi wants you to click the preorder button. ‘Coz you can have her for a price of 8800Yen and will be released late January 2012.

Art Spirits Musubi [Wet Gym Uniform]…. AKA Azu-nyan Mature Version… :P

    Sekirei’s main girl Musubi #88 Sekirei, will be having a gym uniform version. At first I thought it’s Beach Queen’s because it is also 1/10 scale (LOL she’s not wearing a beach’s swim suit). But Art Spirits did a good job, basically on her cute smile..

     Very Sexy on her pose… I’m sure Sekirei – Pure Engagement fans will surely get this fig.. Another thing I’ve noticed, She looks like Azu-nyan (K-on!), by just looking at the face…disregard below the head/the body….LOL XD

…notice the similarities of Musubi and Azu-nyan’s faces?…hmmmm…check Azusa Nakano – Alter Uniform Version.. :))

Well, she is available now for preorder. For a price of 4200 Yen and will be released mid January next year. 🙂